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Laura’s Pale Ale

Laura’s Pale Ale

Recipe contributed by homebrewer Louis Carini from San Diego, CA.


Size: 5 gallon batch

  • 8 lb American Two-row Pale
  • 2 lb CaraVienne
  • 1 lb American Crystal 40L
  • White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP001)

Beer Making Process

At the beginning of the boil

  • ½ oz Chinook
  • 1 oz Magnum

primary for 12 days
secondary for 12 days
prime with dextrose 5oz in 1 cup of water

Beer Should Taste Like:

Fruity/Citrusy with less of an emphasis on hop flavor. Great for the occasional beer drinker in your household (I.E. SWMBO or She Who Must Be Obeyed)

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