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How to Sanitize Beer Bottles and Bottle Caps

How to Sanitize Beer Bottles and Bottle Caps

Save the Sanitizer

While searching the various internets, I see some posts on sanitizing bottles and bottle caps. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with making sure everything is clean and germ free, why make the brew process harder than it needs to be?

Pasteurization is about 140 degrees. Your bottles and bottle caps will be sanitized at that temperature

You don’t need to be putting no rinse sanitizer on your bottles and bottle caps. All you need is a dishwasher or an oven. Place your bottles in your (empty) dishwasher and run on the dry (sanitize) cycle.

But Max, I don’t have a dishwasher. What do I do?

For around $25:

If you are clumsy, like me, I suggest buying a Vinator. All you need to do is fill with sanitizer and spray each bottle. Then let the bottle dry. It’ll be all sanitized and ready to fill with delicious beer.

For Free:

Throw the bottles in the oven, set it to  around 180º or Warm and wait about 20 minutes. Remember to let them cool down or you’ll hurt those precious beer making hands of yours.

Homebrew Stuff

Bottle Caps

Bottle cap sanitizing is even easier and can be done while you are sanitizing your bottles.

Simply count out the amount of bottle caps you need (I always use extra to be careful) and place in the bottom of the Vinator. The sanitizing liquid will sanitize while you wait.

No Vinator? No problem!

Take 2 cups of water, bring to a boil, then throw the caps in there for a few minutes. The boil will sanitize the bottle caps and leave you ready to roll (or cap).

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