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Santa’s Secret Peppermint Stout

Santa’s Secret Peppermint Stout

A light bodied stout with a hint of peppermint. A very fun beer recipe to try if you want to be a little adventurous but still want a drinkable beer.

Stout with Peppermint

5.5 gal60 min 29.7 391.046 SG1.010 SG 4.7%


Domestic 2-Row10 lbs
Black Patent Malt1 lb
Crystal/Caramel 80L1 lb
Chocolate Malt8 oz


19 IBU

NameAmt/IBUTimeFormAlpha %
Goldings, B.C.60 minBoilPellet
Pure Pepppermint Tea Leaves.5 oz/last 15 minBoilTea Leaves


NameLabFerm Temp
S- o4SafAle68°F

Brewer’s Thoughts

The peppermint tea leaves worked like a charm. I added in about 10 bags, which equaled to .5 oz. I wanted the mint flavor to be pronounced but not overwhelming.

I had a massive leak in my thermometer when getting the water to mash temperatures which sucked and delayed my brew day by about an hour.


After 2 weeks in the bottle, the mint flavor was substantial. It dramatically reduced over the course of the next month/2 months. After tasting at 2 months, the mint is there but very subtle.

The body is very light. I had several people comment that since it was so dark they were expecting a “heavy” beer. However, they were (pleasantly) surprised that the body was so light and drinkable. My hypothesis is it’s due to the nature of BIAB and having a full volume (all of the water) mash with the grain without an additional sparge (hot water poured over the grain after initial mash).

Overall, this beer recipe was very drinkable. Some tweaks here and there but I enjoyed it.